Rodents and Reptiles under 2kg  - £80

Guinea Pigs, Small Rodents and Small Reptiles usually fit into this category. A minimum cremation charge of £100 will apply to all dogs and cats, and for out of hours appointments or collections.

Dogs, Cats and Small Pets under 10kg - £100

Most cats, rabbits, and small dogs will fit into this category

Medium Pets from 10kg and under 20kg - £125

Dogs from 20kg under 30kg - £150

Large Dogs from 30kg under 40kg - £175

Large Dogs 40kg plus - £200

Out of Hours Surcharges:
£25 applies 5-6pm weekdays and 12 noon-2pm on Saturdays. 
£50 applies Bank Holidays and Sundays, weekdays after 6pm and Saturdays after 2pm. This excludes the Christmas period.

Special Requests or Witnessed Cremation charges quoted on request.

Collection Costs

Collections can be made from the Burton, Swadlincote, Derby, Ashby and Coalville areas, roughly within 30 minutes of our facility.

Our collection service is charged at £10 for addresses up to 5 miles from our facility. Collection from addresses beyond this area is charged at an additional £2 per mile.

Please note that collections from Derby City (areas inside the outer ring road) are charged at £50. 

Mileage will be calculated on a reasonable route taken, avoiding any road closures or likely congestion. Collections can be made from the Burton, Swadlincote, Derby, Ashby and Coalville areas. When booking a collection we will ask for the postcode of your collection address so that we can calculate the mileage at the time of booking.

Collections can usually be made between 11am and 1pm. Where a two person collection is required this will carry an additional charge of £20. Weekend collections are not as readily available and will carry an out of hours charge. If no one is available when we arrive at the given address at the arranged time then we must still charge for that journey. 

Payment Terms

We respectfully ask that all payment is made in full prior to receipt of service or our collection of your pet. This must also apply for those arranging or bringing pets for friends or family. As a small family business we are unable to extend credit terms.

Payment may be made in person or by telephone by Debit Card or in Cash. Credit Card payments and cheques are not accepted. 

Presentation of Ashes

Our price includes individual cremation and return of entire ashes in a scatter tube. We have a selection of alternative caskets on display in our meeting room which are available to purchase if you prefer. Ashes are usually available to collect by appointment the next working day. Some people require ashes to be available the same day; this is occasionally available depending upon the size and time of arrival of your pet and will incur an out of hours charge.

Pet Insurance

Some pet insurance policies will contribute towards the cost of cremation. The documentation we provide you with should be sufficient to help you with your claim. If your insurance company require us to complete additional paperwork, or you require copies of lost documentation, this will incur additional charges. 


Sunnyside Pet Cremation Price Information

Please read this page carefully if you are considering using our services, as it contains important information. 

Please note cheques and credit cards are not accepted.

We are able to offer individual cremation for any companion animal or exotic pet, from the tiniest hamster to the largest Great Dane. 

We try to keep our pricing structure as simple as possible based on animal weight.  Any other items you wish to be cremated with your pet such as toys, blankets will also count towards weight. We cannot cremate external metal items such as chains or collars. Please note that we try to avoid cremating padded baskets as they create a high volume of dust and can make our working environment hazardous.

It would help very much if you know the weight of your pet, particularly for larger dogs that are too big to be lifted by one person. If you are unsure of you pet's weight please let us know; under estimating to a lower price bracket may incur additional charges and will ultimately mean a delay in when you can collect your ashes.